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Hi Guys great to be back in the saddle, Just got back from the San Antonio Gun Show and man was it fantastic. While I was at the convention I ran into the owner of a company called a very cool cat name Dave. Dave is an avid sportsman and target shooter like the rest of us, this cat served four tours in Afghanistan and is a hard core Cat 1 Forest recon expert shooter. So one of the things we talked a lot about was of course target shooting, but he turned me on to the Invisible dog fence systems, so much about these systems I had no idea even how they worked, so I thought we would make today’s post educational so here is a general synopsis.

The Invisible dog fence systems are commonly used by homeowners that have dog pets aged eight weeks and older. The invisible dog fence is recommended by those who have dogs that they want to be trained. The collar should be measured through the height and age of dogs. The invisible dog fence will work in different sizes and ages of your dog. The yard size is from one-fourth of an acre up to 25 acres. The invisible fences can be placed anywhere the owners want like hilly terrains, wooded areas or even underwater. The invisible dog fences, unlike any other fences, would not prevent you and also your neighbor from enjoying the view of the surroundings. You have to consider using quality materials, generally speaking the manufacturer provides you with very low quality grade materials. If you want top quality dog fencing wire check out ebay.

The original invisible fence was endorsed by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and many other veterinarians. Another good thing about the invisible dog fence system is that it provides the dog an auditory caution, creates hesitations and corrects his actions. The setting of correction is incredible mild to start with. Most of the invisible dog fences guarantee working with your pet. Consequently, even if pet owners think that their pet will outlaw the invisible dog fence system, it is still worth trying. The invisible dog fence might give you something that you need and wish for. Training your dogs with many sounds can help him accumulate fewer fears and worries. Sounds like guns can help him become a mature dog that would not run after hearing such noise. Thus, it can help him gain strength and courage to face any kind of sound.

Typically, dogs are trained to stay away about eight feet from the fence wires. If your dog goes near the boundary, that is the start for you think of changing the battery of the dog’s collar. The intensity of the electrical signal that is emitted by the boundary wire depends on your wants. The stronger the emitted signal, the need of the dog to stay away from the invisible fence in order to avoid being corrected by the collar increases.

Underground or invisible fences are not wired. They are buried and correct your dog for being near the boundary. It is not a wire, but rather a radio antenna that sends out signals that activate the battery in your dog’s collar. The batteries on your dog’s collar cause shock to your dogs that will let your dog back off from the invisible fence. The radio waves can be adjusted for the dog not to get near the boundary of the fence before he hears the warning tone. The battery of the dog’s collar needs to be changed after every three to six months of usage.

Installation of Invisible Dog Fence

Before the invisible or underground fence can be placed underneath your ground, the underground pipes and power lines must be marked and located. The installation of your invisible dog fence needs to be postponed if the local company does not come and check your yard. The computerized unit controller of the invisible dog fence is usually installed in the basement or garage near your existing outlet. The computerized type invisible dog fence is extremely reliable and prevents shocks and random interference from stray electrical matters. An indoor type of invisible dog fence can also be used inside your home for keeping your dog from a certain furniture and place. If you are living near a body of water, the invisible dog fence can prevent your dog pet from entering the restricted water area and block it completely. Invisible dog fences can also be used for preventing your dog pet from going to certain areas of your house like the garden, swimming pool or a specific tree. Some of the trainers use the invisible dog fence around the area of the usual fencing system in order to prevent your dog from digging or escaping from your premises.

Places to Purchase

You can buy these types of fencing in various places Big Box stores like home depot, petsmart or on-line providers like

Invisible Dog Fence Use for Training

Most of the invisible dog fence companies offer help to all homeowners that own dogs. After two weeks, your dog will be supervised and trained in order for him to get through all the trainings and teaching. Your dog will be trained enough to recognize the invisible dog fencing boundary. You can still have the chance to walk your dog outside the invisible dog fence by simply taking off the collar from your dog’s neck.

Still no sure if this is right for you pup…watch this great diy invisible fence video. was quite impressed with the general animation and production of it and it really does a great descriptive job in explaining how these systems function.

An invisible dog fence, after many years of using, can uplift the discipline of your dog. The invisible dog fence can also help your dog gain and learn various things like the awareness of different types of sound coming from the nearest area. You dog can gain courage not to run whenever he hears some unnatural sounds. Thus, an invisible dog fence benefits not just you, but also your dog.

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